The passivation reaction of aluminum alloy is like prolonging the flowering period?


The passivation reaction of aluminum alloy is like prolonging the flowering period?

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the hometown of tulip flowers, and there are beautiful legends about tulips among the people. In the 1990s, the garden department of Xining City strengthened the research and cultivation of tulips, created valuable experience in cultivating tulip bulbs, and bred new varieties of plateau tulips. It has become an important base for national tulip research and cultivation. Since 1997, tulip exhibitions have been held in Xining and Lanzhou for many times, and they have been warmly welcomed by the people in Northwest China. At this China-Qinghai Tulip Festival, horticultural science and technology workers and flower farmers in Xining City will dedicate their carefully cultivated plateau tulips to audiences all over the country and around the world. In addition, when it comes to the Tulip Festival, there is another famous place in Melbourne. The Tulip Festival is held every September-October.


Tulips, as a variety of flowers, will always wither after the flowers bloom for a period of time due to the external environment and the reason for their own flowering growth.

Then the door and window system that also has a limited service life, the user must want a system that can not only meet their own aesthetic requirements, but also prolong the service life as much as possible? Have you heard of passivation reactions?

Passivation reaction refers to the phenomenon that the chemical stability of metal or alloy is significantly enhanced due to the influence of some factors, which is called passivation. Oxidants such as concentrated HNO3, concentrated H2SO4, HClO3, K2Cr2O7, KMnO4, etc. can passivate metals.


When it comes to passivation, our 6063-T5 aluminum profiles also have passivation among the many properties. Aluminum passivation refers to: through the chemical reaction between aluminum and aluminum passivation solution, the active aluminum metal surface is turned into an inert surface layer, thereby preventing external destructive substances from reacting with the metal surface and prolonging the life of the aluminum material. The purpose of rust time. And after the passivation treatment of the aluminum material, a very dense aluminum passivation film with good coverage and firmly adsorbed on the metal surface will be formed on the surface of the aluminum material, which can prolong the rusting time of aluminum and effectively protect the metal surface. The purpose of making the metal more corrosion resistant.


Therefore, this is one of the reasons why our brand of door and window systems are so popular among buyers. I believe that after you try our products, you will definitely receive unexpected surprises.

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