The 8th Ministerial Conference of Africa-China Cooperation Forum


On November 29, 2021, Xi Jinping attended the 8th Ministerial Conference of Africa-China

Cooperation Forum and delivered a keynote speech

      In the keynote speech, President Xi Jinping put forward four propositions on building a China-Africa  community with a shared future for a new era, and put forward the joint implementation of the "Nine Projects" with African countries. A series of initiatives and  measures demonstrated China's consistent concern for supporting the development of Africa.

     The "Nine Projects", whether it is a health project, a poverty reduction project, or a trade promotion project, an investment-driven project, whether it is a digital innovation project, a green development project, or a capacity building project, a humanities exchange project, a peace and safety project, They all contain the Chinese wisdom and Chinese mind to teach people how to fish but also teach people how to fish, showing that China sincerely helps African countries improve their capacity for independent development and continue to strengthen their sustainability for sustainable development.

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