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  • After the beginning of autumn, the high temperature continues, choose the right window, and the "home" will be more comfortable!

After the beginning of autumn, the high temperature continues, choose the right window, and the "home" will be more comfortable!


After the beginning of autumn, it does not mean that it will enter a cool autumn immediately, and many areas are still exposed to high temperatures.


Therefore, in addition to paying attention to heatstroke prevention outdoors, heat insulation should also be done indoors. When choosing doors and windows, you must pay attention to these points!



Only the scientifically designed broken bridge deck can give full play to the advantages of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy is an easy heat conductor. If you don't choose good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, it is equivalent to the doors and windows at home are simply decorative doors and windows. Broken bridge doors and windows of general brands on the market mostly use broken bridge profiles. There are cold bridges outdoors, which cannot completely isolate indoor and outdoor heat transfer, so they can only be called "pseudo broken bridges".


The doors and windows of the CURMA system adopt a multi-cavity structure design, supplemented by a vertical isothermal cavity design. The intermediate rubber strip and the glass are on the same vertical plane, which can ensure better heat insulation, watertightness and airtightness.

aluminum windowpopular window


At the same time, heat insulation strips of different widths are matched according to different positions, which can effectively isolate the heat transfer between indoor and outdoor, and achieve the effect of heat insulation and energy saving. Keep the air-conditioning at home from running out, and the heat from the outside not penetrate into the house, so you can enjoy a "cool summer".


Doors and windows are products of inner beauty. When you see the inner design, you will be shocked by their details. Studies have shown that the scientific design of two/three seals in the door and window sealing structure can basically meet the needs of building door and window sealing performance.


It is worth noting that the more seals are designed, the better the experience of doors and windows will be. In addition to scientific design, it also depends on the selection of sealing strips.


The doors and windows of the CURMA system use EPDM EPDM rubber strips. According to different system design schemes, different foam rubber strips are selected, and all performances are much better than PVC rubber strips. EPDM strips have excellent ozone resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance, which can reduce the transfer of outdoor heat and play a better role in heat insulation.



Not all glass is insulated.The glass standard of the doors and windows of the CURMA system is to use hollow tempered glass with 3C certification to ensure safety; in addition, the hollow glass is tempered hollow glass with continuous and integral bending of aluminum spacers, which can effectively eliminate the leakage points at the corners of the glass and reduce air leakage , Water seepage and other probabilities can guarantee excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation effects, and further take safety into consideration.


 aluminum window

Consumers can also choose Low-E low-emissivity glass to keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer. CURMA system doors and windows can provide users with a variety of glass options to meet the needs of use.

popular window 

In addition, in order to maximize the heat insulation effect of doors and windows, the installation of doors and windows is also an important part. For example, the contact between the sealing strip and the glass and the glass notch should be smooth, the bead with the sealing strip must be tightly attached to the glass, the bead and the profile There should be no obvious gaps at the seams. The door and window upgrade installation service system of CURMA System provides consumers with safe, secure and worry-free product installation solutions.

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